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Welcome to Yodha Yoga


YODHA YOGA – A new yoga style & yoga studio at Rokt climbing Gym in Brighouse. UK.

Classes are Wednesday & Thursday at 7pm throughout August. (More classes will be added to the timetable in September)

£10 per class

How to book a Yoga class:

1. You can just turn up at the studio and pay cash or with card, via contactless

2. Pre-book a class using the online booking form

3. For any further questions please contact me directly

Get in touch with Dave
07764 375063
[email protected]

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This style of yoga is an authentic yoga practice aimed to quieten the mind and bring energy and vitality to the body.  The method we use to achieve this is called “Vinyasa” & it means the synchronisation of breath & movement. We learn to use the breath in a particular way. Deep inhalation & exhalation (with sound). We listen to the sound of breathing and the feeling of breath moving within our bodies. This is the MOST IMPORTANT element of the practice. The breath is our guide as we flow through each of the Asanas (postures). When we are in each asana, we listen to the breath, listen to the body and try to feel every sensation of the body and every thought of the mind. It is never about what the posture looks like, or how flexible the body is. It is always about listening to the feeling of the body from the inside out!!

We are all individuals. We all have different shaped bodies. No two people are the same. So why should yoga poses be taught in the same way to every student?  Quick answer for you – They shouldn’t.

It is my primary objective as a teacher to teach what works best for each individual student. YOU will always intuitively know what is best for your individual body. If you ever feel like you need to rest. Rest. If the posture doesn’t feel good for you. Don’t do it. An example of an advanced yogi is not how flexible they are, or if they can do a handstand!! An advanced yogi knows how to listen to their body and do what is right for their individual needs. From your first ever class, I will teach you to be an advanced yogi.

YOU will always know what is best for YOU.

Within the Yodha Yoga system the student is provided with a ‘framework’ of each posture, and then (by observing their own breath and body as their guide), they learn to do the posture in a suitable fashion for their individual body.  With repetition and practice, your body will become more flexible and you will feel stronger, and you will gain a heightened awareness of your body & mind.

Through focused attention to the breath, and the feelings within the body, a quietening of your thoughts will occur & a deep sense of well being happens within. This is YOGA.

Anyone can practice Yodha Yoga. It is suitable for all able-bodied people.

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Do I need to be flexible to do yoga?

Nope. Flexibility has nothing to do with it. It is about learning to listen to the breath and the body. The flexibility will come automatically through practice.

Do I need to have my own mat?

We have lots of mats at the studio for students to use. Feel free to bring your own if you want to.

What clothes should I wear?

Where comfortable clothes suitable for a movement practice. Comfy tracksuit bottoms and a t shirt is perfect for practice. Bring a warm hoody for the relaxation at the end of class!!

Is there parking at ROKT climbing gym?

Yes. There is a large car park at ROKT and also a large car park across the road.

How much are classes and how can I pay?

Classes are £10 per class & You can book and pay online via the website or you can pay by cash or card at the studio.

STUDENT testimonials

I have done yoga practice with Dave for 8 years and I can honestly say it has changed my life… for the better! Not only is he an expert in his field, but he understands the mechanics of the body and adapts the practice to suit your level. Whether you practice in person with him or virtually, you get an experience that will leave you feeling refreshed, invigorated and ready for whatever life throws at you. I would highly recommend Dave to anyone wanting to tone, stretch, relax or just generally show yourself some love

Gill | HR ProfessionalHR Professional (Age 57)

Dave patiently guides and encourages his students, whatever their level, and helps
them to achieve goals they have previously only dreamed of. A dedicated
practitioner of Ashtanga yoga himself - constantly developing his own practice by
regular tuition both in the UK and in India – Dave uses his unique insight into the
‘yoga journey’ to inform his teaching, challenging and encouraging his students.
Dave is a truly inspirational teacher!

TimBusiness coach & motivational speaker (Age 55)

Having come to Yoga from the ‘wrong’ side of 55, I have been
amazed at the flexibility and sense of well-being I have gained through
regular practice I could not have achieved this without Dave’s skilful
guidance, patience and encouragement. Every lesson with Dave is like a
new adventure. He always makes the lessons interesting and pitches
the level of challenge so that at the end of the lesson, I always feel I
have achieved more than I considered I was capable of. Not only do I
feel a whole lot fitter than I did a year ago, I am also calmer, more
confident and ready to try new challenges. Thank you, Dave, your
lessons have been life-changing!

JudyAcupuncturist (Age 63)

Dave’s Yodha Yoga classes are awesome! I’ve been doing yoga with Dave for a few years now, and I’ve noticed such an improvement in my core strength, balance and flexibility. It’s also really helped with my backache, general fitness and mental wellbeing. Dave’s a brilliant teacher; really friendly, super-knowledgeable, and is a positive, calming influence. He’s great at helping you work with your body, rather than against it, providing guidance for adapted poses if you struggle with the full positions to start with. As he always says, “it’s all about the breath”!

AndySoftware Program Manager (Age 40)

I went to my first yoga class with Dave in 2012.
It was the first time I had practised Ashtanga Yoga & I found it very energetic and dynamic. I loved it immediately.
Dave is an extremely knowledgeable, passionate and friendly teacher, with his own dedicated yoga practice. This really comes across in his teaching style, as he teaches from a place of experience having done the practice for so many years!
Today my yoga is still with Dave. I live in Italy part of the year and we meet on zoom once a week.

MariaRetired Business owner (Age 65)

Exercising a compassionate, straightforward approach in each class, Dave’s teaching is the embodiment of years of personal experience and understanding - constantly exploring new techniques and improvements to established ways of doing things. In tandem with always bringing something new to each session, Dave places emphasis on the experience of the individual at the centre of his passionate and inspired teaching.

MatthewMusician (Age 45)